Founder Desk


International Yoga Teacher & International Yoga Judge

Extensive experience of 13 years in developing curriculum according to the needs of students and their medical problems, monitoring and instructing students during Yoga training sessions.
Adept in leading group classes and teaching clients the basic and advanced techniques of Yoga, demonstrating techniques and motivating clients to develop their skills.
Experience of Yoga teaching to all age groups of students, knowledge of several Asanas and Breathing techniques, managing training programs and practice the techniques suitable for students.
Ability to demonstrate and teach techniques for performing Meditation, Pranayama, basic and advanced Asanas, Children Yoga, Sports Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Garbh Sanskar, good knowledge of Human Anatomy and impact of Asanas on different body parts, excellent communication, interpersonal and motivational skills.
Skilled in designing safe and comprehensive Yoga programs for various participants from diversified groups, coordinating with participants and counsel on lifestyle and diet issues to ensure healthy body and mind.
6 years of experience as a Judge of Yoga competition across National as well as International.
Extensive experience of 3 years as an Instructor of Aerial Sports & Aerial Yoga Training across National as well as International.


President – Sports Yoga International
Secretary – Sports Yoga Asia
President – Sports Yoga Federation of India
Founder President - Geet Yoga & Fitness Academy

Work Experience February 2007 – till now

Yoga Teacher
Geet Yoga & Fitness Academy, Nashik, Maharashtra.
Online Yoga Training session to students from different Cities, States, Countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, Dubai, Bali & Many more).

Yoga Judge
District Yoga Championship, Nashik
State Yoga Championship, Mumbai
State Yoga Championship, Nashik
National Yoga Championship, Mangalore

National Yoga Championship, Nashik International Yoga Championship, Pokhara, Nepal International Yoga Championship, Bali, Indonesia
Yoga Competitions Organised State Yoga Championship - 2nd December 2018
National Yoga Championship - 23rd June 2019
International Yoga Championship – 09th Nov. 2019 (Bali, Indonesia)

Key Result Areas

• Monitor fitness level and requirements of all participants and design classes to suit individual need & capacity.
• Develop and maintain professional relationship with participants and ensure optimal level of customer services.
• Prepare and promote schedule for group fitness and assist participants to attend fitness classes.
• Perform and demonstrate all yoga exercises to participants and ensure compliance of safety and health standard.
• Assist participants to perform all exercises effectively.
• Evaluate exercises performed by participants and recommend correction wherever required • Maintain neat and clean exercise room at all times.
• Analyze each participant requirement and develop exercises to suit every individual. • Prepare groups for classes and demonstrate exercises.
• Inform participants in various forms of yoga and its effect on body and mind.
• Monitor participant performance and recommend different forms of yoga if required.
• Ensure appropriate ambience for participants to perform yoga exercises.
• Ensure customer satisfaction and assist in answering all queries of participants. • Help students to develop mediation and breathing techniques.
• Contribute in improving lifestyle of clients and fighting with diseases.
• Teach the art of yoga and improve fitness and personal health of clients.
• Plan lessons for beginners and experienced students.
• Deliver inspirational speech and presentation to students.
• Instruct and improve body postures and alignment in students

Key Highlights

• Founder President of Geet Yoga & Fitness Foundation. (NGO) • Tree plantations program, nature awareness program.
• Initiative taken for the propagation of Yoga in rural area.
• Awareness programs in various Schools, Cities & Villages. Organise different levels of Yoga Competition to spread awareness of Yoga & fitness to the Society.
• Conduct International Teacher Training program in Geet Yoga & Fitness Academy.


• International Professional Athlete Award • Doctorate Award by Asia University.
• Indian Icon of The Year 2019.
• International Healthcare Award.
• Midtown Nari Ratna Puraskar 2020.
• Sukanya Puraskar 2020.
• Asia Education Award.
• International Goal Achiever Award
• International Talent Award
• Anter-Rashtriya Pratibha Award
• National Healthcare Service Excellence Awards (Best Yoga Teacher In India)


• Master of Arts, MA (Economics), Amaravati University
• Master of Arts, MA (Yoga), Ramtek University, Nagpur
• Doctorate in Yoga (Asia University)