About Us

Geet Yoga Foundation is public charitable and welfare objects creating facilities for the benefit of society at large more specifically for objects and purpose to welfare, development, education, employment generation, environment protection, health, spirituality, humanity, peace, nature. We have already stepped out and start changing the world. Geet Yoga foundation is founded by highly motivated, educated and experienced professionals having the aim for social welfare including all levels of society and communities as a public charitable nonprofit non-governmental organization (NGO) under government of India laws.

The Geet Yoga Foundation have dedicated their lives to service because they have a driving passion to help other people live their best life stories. Work as a catalyst in bringing sustainable change in the lives of underprivileged communities, youth and women, with a life-cycle approach of development enable the civil society across the world to engage proactively in the change process through the philosophy of civic driven change Adopt highest standards of governance to emerge as a leading knowledge and technology driven, innovative and scalable international development organization. Support Geet Yoga Foundation in empowering millions around the world to forge their own paths out of poverty, while combating climate change, increasing opportunity for girls and women, Social Upliftment, Equality and reducing preventable disease.


1. To train and educate people interested in developing, improving and maintenance of health and fitness. To promote establishment of partnership with industries, NGOs working in the areas of sport, Government, National Federations, State Associations and Educational Institutions.
2. To produce sports persons of national and international standard.
3. To make sports a way of life.
4. To train people for Yoga.
5. To establish Yoga Academies.
6. To establish Sports Academies.
7. To organize competitions and championships w.r.t. health and fitness including sports and yoga.
8. To publish and circulate on-line and off-line books, documentaries, manuals, materials, photographs and videos w.r.t. health and fitness including sports and yoga.
9. To establish health & fitness centres.
10. To facilitate public and institutional awareness, personal development, education and training in support of sport as a tool for development, social change and peace and of Universal and Olympic values.
11. To preach,teach and propagate Yoga.
12. To provide a common forum for all lovers, practitioners, teachers of Yoga.
13. To conduct competitions of yoga all over the world.
14. To provide sound health and fitness education to children of all communities irrespective of their race, religion, caste of creed in general and to prepare those to become mature and responsible out of country through all round physical, intellectual, academic, moral and spiritual development based on valued derived from the life.
15. To cultivate health and fitness needs of the helpless neglected poor needy and street children.
16. To give, provide and/or render food, medicine, education and other help and /or assistance in any shape or form to the poor, deserving and needy persons.
17. To help the students in preparation for sports and yoga competitions.
18. To receive subscription/donations and grants for accomplishing the w.r.t. health and fitness including sports and yoga for standardizing the working of the institutes run by the Trust.
19. To conduct research in education and other disciplines on the different subjects w.r.t. health and fitness including sports and yoga.
20. To provide food, clothes, medical aid, stationary, transportation, libararies, laboratories, reading room, hostels, play grounds swimming Pool and other possible facilities to the student and also to the members of the Trust.
21. To institute scholarships and help to deserving students and to institute and award prizes for their excellence performance in sports and yoga.
22. To provide free/confessional assistance to the hopeless, poor, SC/ST and needy children.
23. To provide technical & other support to Government Non-Government, Private Hospital, Institution & academic intuitions involved in curing & prevention of Cancer Heart ,HIV, Skin Diiseases & other life threatening diseases.
24. To organize seminars, group discussions and training Programme w.r.t. health and fitness including sports and yoga.
25. To engage, employ or hire appropriate staff workers, legal experts and other professionals, attorney , managers and agents for the work and furtherance of the aims and objects of the Trust and to pay their wages, Salaries, stipends or fees.
26. To organize, financial and non-financial assistance from Government , Non Government Organization, International Agencies, Banks and any other legal entity or individual.
27. To borrow or receive money (with interest or without interest) and upon such terms and conditions as are approved by the Settler of the Trust.
28. To accept donations, grants, presents, gifts and other offerings in the shape of moveable and /or immovable properties for attainment of the aims and object of the Trust.
29. To purchase /acquire the land and /or the building in the name of the Trust for the upliftment and fulfillment of the aims of the Trust.
30. To do all such other acts and things, investing the properties of the Society with power to open an account or accounts in any nationalized bank and to operate the said accounts as provided in the Society and to acquire, hold purchase, sell exchange, lease and turn to account all kinds of properties, movable and immovable, for the purposes connected with or conductive to the promotion of the object of the Trust.
31. To publish books, charts illustrations, journals, magazines, periodical and other publications on different subject and in different languages for the promotion of above aims and objects.
32. To do such other things/acts/activates which are necessary and which and which may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the objects of the Trust.
33. The aims and objects of the Trust shall be solely for Charitable and Education Purpose, w.r.t. health and fitness including sports and yoga.
34. All the acts and activities shall be Non-Profitable and shall be done on No Profit –No loss basis.
35. The Trust will invest its money and funds according to Sec.11(5) of Income Tax Act 1961.
36. It is being understood that objects of the Trust will not include objects involving the carrying on of any activity for profit within the meaning of Income-Tax, 1961.